Remodeling at Meadowood

The last two months we have been busy here at The Meadowood with remodeling projects. We started upstairs in the barn with tearing out the old yellow carpet and putting down hardwood flooring. Luckily, my father-in-law and husband took care of this, (I’m not so handy with power tools)! We chose to go with unfished, rustic wood in various widths to accomplish a look that fit the 200 year old barn. In keeping with that the boards were face nailed down with black screws. It was a lot more work but turned out great. Last step is to put a clear sealant on the floor to protect it from spills and stains. Take a look at some pictures below.

Next project has been the bridal suite. The walls were old wood paneling which I didn’t care for. My husband found a stack of old wood from the barn itself and luck should have it there was enough to do one accent wall in the bridal suite. It turned out great and is exciting to put something old to a new use. The remaining walls I plan to either paint white or do a white-wash paint, haven’t decided yet. Take a look at the before and after picture below.

Meadowood before new flooring

Meadowood – new flooring

Meadowood bridal suite wall – Before(left) and after(right)


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